Salkić: The pressure of RS entity police on the Bosniaks of Vlasenica is unacceptable

Salkić: The pressure of RS entity police on the Bosniaks of Vlasenica is unacceptable

BANJA LUKA, February 6 (FENA) – Ramiz Salkić, Vice President of the RS entity said today, reacting to the events in Vlasenica and accusations against Bosniak officers at the Vlasenica Police Station of calling for war, said that these actions remind him of the activities from the end of 1991 and the beginning of 1992, when Bosniaks were accused of anything and everything, but what followed was the persecution of Bosniaks, deportation, rape and, ultimately, genocide against Bosniaks.

“We must never lose sight of the fact that the judgment of the International Court of Justice in The Hague established that parts of the RS entity police were convicted of committing genocide against Bosniaks living in the “safe area” of the UN that was Srebrenica.

Also, it should be known that in Prijedor, the most serious crimes against Bosniaks and Croats were committed by members of the RS police, as well as in many other places,” said Salkić.

At the entity’s Ministry of Interior’s line-up on January 9 in Banja Luka, members of this unit publicly sang a song that spreads religious and ethnic hatred, calling for hatred of everything that is not Serb Orthodox.

In Vlasenica, in 1992, Bosniaks were tortured and killed at the police station, after which the survivors were taken to the infamous Sušica camp, where hundreds of Bosniak detainees were tortured, raped and killed, Salkić recalls.

He emphasizes that this behavior of the entity police is a classic example of pressure and intimidation of Bosniaks from Vlasenica and Podrinje in order to leave their homes again.

According to Salkić, the policy of Bosnian Serbs in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including these activities of the Ministry of the Interior, is aimed at radicalizing Bosniaks in order to justify their future activities against the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosniaks as people.

Bosniaks should be aware of these provocations, intentions and environments, and they should not respond hastily. It is our obligation to be vigilant and aware of the activities in the environment and to act responsibly in accordance with that, says Salkić.

In Vlasenica, the MoI of the entity has an obligation to investigate dozens of those who participated in various ways in the crimes against Bosniaks in 1992, and I urge them to document these crimes and forward them to the competent authorities.

This lynching attempt and pressure on the Bosniaks of Vlasenica has to do with the current trial before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on suspicion of war crimes against Bosniaks in 1992 in Vlasenica.

The aim is to intimidate Bosniaks in this way and prevent them from testifying and telling the truth about the 1992 crimes. It is the obligation of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide adequate and credible protection to witnesses in this, but also in all other cases, said Ramiz Salkić, the Vice President of the entity of Republika Srpska.