Sarajevo City Hall in the colors of the national flag of Bosniaks of Sandžak

Sarajevo City Hall in the colors of the national flag of Bosniaks of Sandžak

SARAJEVO, June 5 (FENA) – On Sunday evening, the Sarajevo City Hall was illuminated with the colors of the national flag of the Bosniaks of Sandžak (Serbia), as a sign of solidarity and support for Sandžak, which is facing great challenges caused by the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic.

With this act, the City and the citizens of Sarajevo send a message of support and respect to all those who are fighting for the health and lives of the inhabitants of Sandžak.

“The Bosniaks of Sandžak have been a part of the Bosniak national being for centuries, and their struggle and contribution to the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina are well known and woven into the consciousness of all Bosnians and Herzegovinians. Just as the citizens of Sandžak have special emotions towards Sarajevo, so the citizens of the capital of BiH do not forget Sandžak in these difficult moments,” said the Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka.

An MP of the SDA Sandžak in the Serbian Parliament, Enis Imamović emphasized the importance of the support that BiH sends to Sandžak, saying that it brings a special emotion and a strong sense of unity built on inseparable threads of common identity.

“From sincere messages, calls from friends and people who come to help us, we see that we equally feel pain, suffering and injustice, but also the readiness to always be there for each other, when it is needed the most. I was especially touched by the gesture of the City of Sarajevo to illuminate the City Hall, as its world-famous symbol, with the colors of the Sandžak flag, with messages that will remain etched in the hearts of all of us forever,” said Enis Imamović.

The coronavirus pandemic in recent days has significantly endangered the health and lives of the citizens of Sandžak. The large and sudden increase in the number of infected and those in need of medical care has burdened the existing medical facilities, as well as other services that provide assistance to the population.

The region of Sandžak lacks doctors and health workers, medical equipment, protective equipment, medicines and other materials.