Sattler: The EU is ready to help BiH now, as it did during the floods of 2014

Sattler: The EU is ready to help BiH now, as it did during the floods of 2014

SARAJEVO, March 26 (FENA) – The EU Ambassador to BiH Johann Sattler and UNDP Resident Representative in BiH Steliana Nedera signed today a two-million-euro worth financial aid package for emergency medical care in Bosnia and Herzegovina in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is the first part of EU assistance and the second part of the total of EUR 5 million will follow shortly. This will bring total EU emergency assistance to BiH at seven million euros. These funds will allow the purchase of respirators, test kits and considerable quantities of personal protective equipment.

Sattler stressed that the European Union has always been ready to help BiH in times of crisis.

“The EU and I, as the ambassador, are ready to help BiH now, as we have done for the last two decades and a couple of years ago during the great floods of 2014. Our primary concern is the health of the citizens, but we are also closely monitoring the economic consequences,” Sattler said during a video conference.

The EU Ambassador pointed out that during the coronavirus pandemic, the most important thing is to save the lives and jobs of citizens, and that today the first assistance package for BiH worth EUR 2 million has been signed.

“The acquisition of 80 respirators and tests for coronavirus and protective equipment is underway. A five million euro aid package for the same purpose will follow. More than EUR 70 million has been earmarked for salvaging jobs and helping endangered companies that suffered losses. The total aid package is worth EUR 80 million. What matters now is action, not words. The European Union will continue to be there for you,” Sattler said, urging BiH citizens to stay in their homes during the pandemic.

The UNDP Resident Representative in BiH Steliana Nedera emphasized that since the declaration of the state of emergency, UNDP has been working to support partners in BiH in responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

“By signing today’s agreement, we reaffirm a strong partnership between the European Union and domestic authorities in response to the coronavirus crisis. We can do a lot together, as we demonstrated during the floods of 2014. At the moment, we are focused on procuring the necessary medical supplies to ensure the testing and treatment of people infected with coronavirus and the best conditions for the smooth operation of medical professionals,” said Nedera.

Shee added that UNDP is ready to begin the assessment of the economic and social effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic and that UNDP will define its future activities with respect to the economy based on that analysis.