Scano: Delta strain is predominant and we have to do something

Scano: Delta strain is predominant and we have to do something

SARAJEVO, July 26 (FENA) – Head of the World Health Organization (WHO) office in BiH, Fabio Scano, said in Sarajevo today that the Federation of BiH needs to focus on vaccinating the elderly population.

“This is the most vulnerable group because it has the highest number of deaths from coronavirus,” said Scano, after a meeting on the immunization process and the epidemiological situation in FBiH held at the FBiH Ministry of Health.

He adds that if it is necessary, the elderly should be visited and contacted directly in order to be vaccinated.

He drew attention to the fact that it is noticeable in countries that have a high vaccination rate that the number of cases of coronavirus is increasing.

“Delta strain is predominant in most countries of the European region of the World Health Organization,” said Scano.

He stated that due to warmer weather, most people go out more often, and in the Federation of BiH there is generally a low number of cases, although that number is slowly growing.

“We have to do something now. We cannot predict in which direction the epidemic is going and when it will end. In order to reduce transmission, we know what we have to do as an institution and individuals with more and more people getting vaccinated. We have to intensify testing and if someone has symptoms, please test yourself in your health institution, and if you are positive, stay at home and isolate yourself,” Scano emphasized.

He said a proactive system is needed to control the epidemic.