Schmidt: The Bonn powers is a tool still at my disposal

Schmidt: The Bonn powers is a tool still at my disposal

SARAJEVO, September 19 (FENA) – The High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt said that the Bonn powers is a tool still at his disposal.

“I am the High Representative in BiH who oversees the implementation of the Dayton Agreement,” Schmidt said in an interview with BN TV.

He told politicians to stick to the facts stated in the Dayton Peace Agreement.

“The High Representative is elected by the Peace Implementation Council in BiH, so I recommend that we do not discuss the procedures but the content,” said Schmidt and added that he is not here to please politicians but to do something good for the entire country.

“I want us to do something together for all people in BiH and I recommend everyone to participate in it, and those who do the blockades, they in fact block themselves,” said Schmidt.

Speaking about the blockade of the state government that came after the imposition of the Law on Denial of Genocide, Schmidt says that he knows the crises in BiH well and that he talks to the people and that in the political sense it is important that the interlocutors are the holders of power.

“I think we should work together and that is why I am here. I am observing the situation now and after that, I will start doing some things,” said Schmidt.

When asked if there was a signal from the representatives of the entity of Republika Srpska to talk to him, he answered in the affirmative, but he did not want to specify the details.