SDA: Palmer’s approach meets only the requests of HDZ BiH

SDA: Palmer’s approach meets only the requests of HDZ BiH

SARAJEVO, October 27 (FENA) – The Party of Democratic Action (SDA) was surprised by the announcement of Matthew Palmer, the US special envoy that the electoral reform in BiH should “focus on the electoral model for the election of three members of the BiH Presidency”, because “it would be difficult to reach an agreement for changes in the competencies of the Houses of Peoples.”

Claiming that it is difficult to reach an agreement on changes in the competencies of the house of peoples which is a rhetorical alibi for practically giving up, Palmer hinted at a one-sided and unbalanced approach that meets the requests of only one side in BiH, and that is the Croat Democratic Union in BiH (HDZ).

“In the desire to achieve any kind of result, even the one that is in conflict with the Dayton Peace Agreement, he is taking the path of least resistance. Pressure is exerted only against pro-Bosnian political parties, and the position of the HDZ, which goes beyond the framework of the implementation of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights and in many ways opposes them, is uncritically supported.

In addition, Palmer’s approach will not solve the two main problems that have caused many years of stagnation and crisis in BiH – the blockade of the state institutions by the SNSD by abusing the House of Peoples at the state level and the blockade of appointments and the formation of the FBiH Government, the FBiH Constitutional Court, misuse of the House of Peoples at the FBiH level, it is said in the statement.

The SDA will therefore call on all pro-Bosnian parties that have representatives in the BiH Parliamentary Assembly to take a firm, joint position on electoral reforms and changes to the BiH Constitution.

This is the position that the parties have individually and previously publicly stated and the one which insists on a balanced solution that includes the reduction of the competencies of the houses of peoples exclusively to the protection of the vital national interest.