SDP: It’s high time for the state to protect itself against synchronized attacks

SDP: It’s high time for the state to protect itself against synchronized attacks

SARAJEVO, February 17 (FENA) – The Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SDP BiH) expects the judicial authorities of the state to finally begin to do their job and take concrete measures to file charges and prosecute all public officials who call for the undermining of the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina or participate in such activities by blocking and obstructing the work of the state institutions.

“It is high time to move from verbal condemnations to concrete acts aimed at protecting the state from synchronized attacks, which have recently been carried out by the SNSD and Milorad Dodik, with the obvious, and even public, support of the neighboring Republic of Serbia,” stressed the SDP BiH.

The SDP BiH considers it unacceptable “that the Office of the High Representative (OHR) chooses not to meet its constitutional obligation to protect the legal order of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for which it has all the legal mechanisms at its disposal.”

“The alternative to the crisis and constant tensions are honest talks and work in the interest of citizens in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina,” underlined the SDP BiH.

At the same time, the SDP BiH expects political parties that make up the majority at the state level, where they have positions and resources in the executive branch, to present a concrete and clear plan of action to improve the economic situation in BiH, employment, retention and return of young people, better pensions and greater care for citizens’ needs.

“This will be the best answer to all those who, instead of dealing with everyday problems of citizens, are planning blockades and attacks on the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” it is said in the statement.