Security Ministry of BiH announces new approach to managing illegal migration

Security Ministry of BiH announces new approach to managing illegal migration

SARAJEVO, January 15 (FENA) – Members of the Operational HQ for Migration Issues in BiH at today’s meeting in Sarajevo discussed the current situation in this area and discussed a plan for managing the migrant crisis in BiH.

The meeting was attended by representatives of all relevant ministries and institutions from the state level, entity headquarters for migration and Brčko District, police commissioners of the Una Sana and Sarajevo cantons and international organizations.

Also, the meeting was attended by the BiH Minister of Security Fahrudin Radončić, who announced a new approach to managing illegal migration in BiH.

He emphasized that the care for migrants can not only be a problem for the BiH Ministry of Security, but for all institutions and levels of government in BiH.

He stressed that the focus will be on more efficient border control and prevention of entry of illegal migrants in BiH, strengthening the capacities of the BiH Border Police and the BiH Foreigners Affairs Service, but also announced talks with the Ministers of Interior of neighboring countries towards a joint solution to this problem.

Members of the Operational HQ also agreed to hold a special thematic session to prepare a new strategy and an updated plan for the effective management of the migrant crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which our country will assume sovereignty over governance and the humanitarian and security dimensions of the problem.

They concluded that due to weather conditions the number of arrivals of illegal migrants in BiH has been reduced, and currently there are about 5,500 persons in the reception centers, stated the BiH Ministry of Security.