Shipyard owned by BiH group Prevent presents first yacht with 2 electric motors

Shipyard owned by BiH group Prevent presents first yacht with 2 electric motors

SPLIT, November 27 (FENA) – The shipyard “Salona Yachts”, which is owned by the Prevent Group in BiH, premiered a new sailboat, “Salona 46″, a unique luxury sailboat for the domestic and foreign markets.

“Salona 46, a new sailboat with electric propulsion is unique in Croatia, but also on the world market because it has two electric motors and propellers, which allows it to have excellent sailing performance and simultaneous battery charging. It is important to note that Salona Shipyard is extremely dedicated to the development, support, and implementation of green technology and the promotion of environmentally friendly vessels,” said the executive director of “Salona Yachts”, Marin Donadini at the presentation of the new yacht in Split.

As he confirmed to us, the first Salona 46 has already been sold to a buyer in the USA, and the vessels that are made in this shipyard most often find buyers in the USA and Western European countries. It is important to emphasize that even in times of global disturbances caused by the coronavirus pandemic, “Salona Yachts” has an optimized and long-term stable business.

“Salona’s team, in cooperation with suppliers, develops and delivers to customers the best green solutions currently available on the market, which makes a big step forward in the global luxury boat market. The new Salona 46 combines the best elements of technology, design, quality, and comfort. The possibility of adapting to the wishes and ideas of the end customer, allows us to make each Salon truly unique and a dream yacht for every owner and fan of the Salon of Boats,” Donadini points out and adds that the interior of the yacht was manufactured in Prevent production facilities in BiH.

Salona Group is part of the Prevent Group and produces multi-award-winning performance cruisers and luxury sailboats. They have won numerous awards, such as the Boat of the Year in Europe for Salona 37, and Salona 44 in 2015 won the Boat of the Year award in the US as well.

“Continuous investments, cooperation with major global brands, and monitoring of global trends were the basis for us to position ourselves among the industry leaders of the CEE region. We apply the philosophy of sustainable business in all segments of our operations, which is a logical step that follows global trends. We are proud that our Salon member made a step forward and was among the first in the world to make an electric sailboat that found its customers in record time, and was recognized by experts in this field,” point out the Prevent Group and add that in the coming period continue to invest in innovation in all industries in which they operate.

Prevent Group operates in 7 countries in the CEE region, has over 10,000 employees, and is among the top 100 industrial companies.