Skaka: EYOF will bring back the Olympic spirit of Sarajevo

Skaka: EYOF will bring back the Olympic spirit of Sarajevo

SARAJEVO, January 2 (FENA) – Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka finds that cities are becoming more and more important for people, especially capital cities, and that is why all policies of the City Administration are directed towards doing the homework that Sarajevo has, as the capital city of BiH.

“City of Sarajevo is positioned as a leader in many development projects, regional cooperation, strengthening its tourist offer and preservation of cultural-historic treasure, cooperation and connectivity,” said the Mayor in an interview with FENA.

He emphasized that the biggest sporting event since the Sarajevo Olympics will be held soon, which is the European Youth Olympic Festival, which will bring back the Olympic spirit in Sarajevo.

“It is a sporting competition which will gather more athletes than in ZOI ’84. Participants are coming from 46 states, and we are preparing a spectacular opening ceremony at the Olympic stadium ‘Asim Ferhatović Hase’. I believe that the moment when Vučko and Goodvy shake hands and once the Olympic flame is on will create the best memories for the new generation that does not remember ZOI ’84,” said the Mayor.

City of Sarajevo is one of the first institutions that adopted the budget, which best confirms that effort, work and vision of the City Administration has been recognized, and with that modest budget it makes highly positive effects.

Investments in tourism, restoration of cultural-historic monuments and the city, promotion of positive image, all positively contributed to economic growth, which is confirmed by data and studies.

“Sarajevo is also ahead when it comes to tourist growth, which is recorded in the entire state,” emphasized Skaka.

Projects implemented by the City, such as Trebević Cable Car, which recorded more than 800 000 individual rides, significantly contribute to that.

Mayor added that City of Sarajevo implemented and launched more than 26 very specific and important projects over the past year, from construction and restoration of infrastructure, restoration of Sarajevo fountains, building of tourist infrastructure on Trebevic Mt., etc.

I must emphasize, he added, that the City also started significantly using resources from the European funds last year, and project teams withdrew more than 2.5 million KM of international funds.

City of Sarajevo started series of activities directed to development of culture, and construction of facility of “Ars Aevi” museum will start by the end of this mandate, which the Mayor said is ambitious but realistically possible.

Construction of the Olympic Museum is being completed, as one of the symbols of the City of Sarajevo and they are also works on opening of Mersad Berber museum in the old part of the city.

He added they will also continue works on Bijela Tabija (The White Fortress) and project of illumination of Alija Izetbegović Museum has been completed.

“New 2019 is an opportunity for us to implement planned projects and review new ideas to make the life in the city better,” said Mayor of Sarajevo in an interview with FENA.