Spahić: Celebration in Foča a clear message to Bosniaks of a repeat of 1992

Spahić: Celebration in Foča a clear message to Bosniaks of a repeat of 1992
FOČA, January 9 (FENA) – Fireworks and iconography, with the inevitable celebration of life-sentenced war criminal Ratko Mladić, were present at the marking of the unconstitutional “Day of Republika Srpska” (RS) in Foča last night, and it was a clear message to Foča Bosniaks, believes the only Bosniak councilor in the Assembly of the Municipality of Foča, Izet Spahić.
Although upset, returnees to the city said they were not surprised by the scenes they were used to living with.
The celebration with the indispensable images of the life-sentenced executioner and criminal Ratko Mladić is a clear message that we understood well, that the one under whose command the Drina River flowed all bloody, is the pride of those who celebrated today.
This is a message that they want a repeat of 1992, because how else to understand last night’s celebration of the Serbs in Foča.
Although the Constitutional Court banned the commemoration of January 9, and the Criminal Code passed by High Representative Valentin Inzko also prohibited denial of genocide and glorification of convicted war criminals, both acts took place in Foča last night, Spahic pointed out.
He emphasized that he supports the vice president of the RS entity, Ramiz Salkić, who asked the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH to prosecute the organizers of such events, and pointed out that he was ready to file criminal charges against the organizers.
“If those to whom this is an obligation and for which the state pays them, do not do so, I am personally ready to file a criminal complaint. The organization of these events was institutional and municipal and police structures are the main ideological, technical and logistical support, regardless of the fact that the public is presented as the organizers, or a group of fans, as if NGOs have the right to break the law,” said Spahić.
The fan group “Delije” from Foča, on the largest residential building in Foča “Plavi neboder”, traditionally this year also placed a canvas icon of St. Stephen, about thirty meters long, which replaced the previous one.
On January 9, Red Star fans organized fireworks with a torchlight procession at Foča Square, which is the way they have been celebrating Christmas and the ‘Day of Republika Srpska’ for five years.
An indispensable part of the decor this time as well were images of Ratko Mladić, a convicted war criminal, as well as disturbing messages and insulting banners.