Stanišić: No one but Montenegro itself will get to decide its future

Stanišić: No one but Montenegro itself will get to decide its future

SARAJEVO, July 13 (FENA) – Montenegro marks Statehood Day today. Namely, on July 13, 1878 Montenegro was proclaimed the 27th independent and internationally recognized state in Europe and the world at the Berlin Congress. On the same date in 1941 Montenegrin people, in then conquered Europe, were the first to raise a nationwide uprising and liberate their country from the occupiers in just a few months.

“Montenegro is an anti-fascist creation, today it is a multiethnic, multinational and multicultural state. The civil state that inherits the legacy of anti-fascism and no one will deviate from that path,” said Ambassador of Montenegro to BiH Obrad Mišo Stanišić in an interview with FENA.

He emphasized that Montenegro renewed its independence on May 21, 2006, when it voted for state independence in a referendum.

“Today, Montenegro is a respectable country in the world, a full member of NATO and soon to become member of the European Union. It is a democratic state, a state that inherits human rights and freedoms and multiethnic and multinational harmony as the highest wealth. Nobody will divert such Montenegro from its path, regardless of the fact that some from the inside but also outside are trying to do it,” said Stanišić.

He pointed out that Montenegro has excellent bilateral relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina are friendly countries, and can serve as an example to others in the region and beyond. This has been recognized by the international community and I am convinced that we will continue with these relations, regardless of the fact that individuals from one part of BiH are trying to annul it and minimize it. As the Ambassador of Montenegro in Sarajevo, I will try to contribute to enhancement of good and quality relations between our countries,” said Stanišić.

Speaking about the attacks on the sovereignty of Montenegro, he said that they come from inside but also from outside.

“All these so called politicians, historians both in Montenegro and abroad who are trying to present the civil state of Montenegro, an internationally recognized and independent state, a member of NATO and a future member of the European Union, differently, I think they are on the wrong path it will never succeed again. No one but Montenegro itself will get to decide its future,” said Ambassador Stanišić.