‘Sustainable returnee communities in RS’ Forum organized in Doboj

‘Sustainable returnee communities in RS’ Forum organized in Doboj

DOBOJ, December 28 (FENA) – FBiH Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees organized the Forum “Sustainable Returnee Communities in Republika Srpska – Challenges and Perspectives” today in Doboj.

“This is the annual conference of the Ministry where we present the work programs and plans for next year. The Forum is attended by elected officials in assemblies, municipalities and cities in the RS, MPs and delegates, and activists of non-governmental organizations. We have different thematic units where each participant chooses where he can give the greatest contribution and then through proposals and suggestions we use the conclusions to take into account the opinion of elected officials from the local level at the beginning of next year when adopting the FBiH Government’s program to support return,” said the FBiH Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees Edin Ramić.

He points out that the novelty at this year’s Forum is that more attention will be paid to cooperation with the diaspora, i.e. institutional connection with the diaspora.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, Bakir Izetbegović, said that he was willing to participate in the Form in order to give support to projects that will be related to further support for sustainable return.

“BiH society and citizens in BiH are affected by various problems, and the most vulnerable part of that society are returnees, so this is a special segment of society to which we must pay special attention. Without Bosniaks and Croats in RS and Serbs in FBiH, there is no renewal, integration of the multiethnic BiH, so this most vulnerable part of BiH society is actually a chance to largely rebuild the society we remember before the war,” stated Izetbegović.

One of the keynote speakers at the Forum is the Vice President of the SDP BiH, Vojin Mijatović.

“We will talk about everything we have done so far and what we have to do until the elections that await us next year. Unfortunately, the defeat of all of us in BiH is that 20 years after the war we did not solve the burning social problem, the reintegration of BiH society,” said Mijatović.

Three panels were organized at the forum, where participants deal with the inclusion of returnees in the electoral system, cooperation with emigrants, and education that should lead to sustainable return.