Swiss – BiH security policy cooperation

Swiss – BiH security policy cooperation

SARAJEVO, June 21 (FENA) – Switzerland is supporting a Defense Attaché Orientation Course this year agsin, which is jointly organized by the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) from Geneva, Switzerland and Peace Support Operations Training Center (PSOTC) from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The international Defense Attaché Course is taking place from 21 June until 25 June 2021 in Camp Butmir in Sarajevo. Swiss Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Daniel Hunn welcomed the participants at today’s opening of the course.

“The Defense Attaché Course is part of Switzerland’s security policy cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina which includes also the Swiss Liaison Observation Teams in Mostar and Trebinje, making Swiss troupes available for EUFOR. In addition to this, we provide Swiss Army Experts for the Safe Weapons and Ammunition Storage and Disposal Program that the BiH Armed Forces are running. And we are supporting Demining Activities, in particular by making funding available for the training of Mine Detection Dogs”, said Swiss Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Daniel Hunn at today’s opening of the international Defense Attaché Course.

Defence and diplomacy are complementary instruments in the hand of a state. Together they are part of a nation’s security policy. GCSP’s orientation course for military officers, diplomats and senior officials involved in defence and diplomacy has become an internationally recognised complement to national training. The aim of the course is to develop the skills and expertise of Defence Attachés operating at the intersection of diplomacy, strategy, economics and public relations; providing them with practical training in national and international procedures as well as other areas relevant for their future work. As their roles and missions are complex and evolving, it is important for new Defence Attachés to be properly prepared to take on this function.

Ambassador Hunn used this opportunity to express his sincere thanks to the GCSP and the PSOTC for organizing, managing and hosting this important training for 10 years in a row.

“We are very lucky to have with the GCSP and the PSOTC two top-notch partner organizations that are implementing this program. The GCSP is one of Switzerland’s flagship institutions for international outreach in security policy matters and the PSOTC is the BiH Armed Forces’ center of excellence for trainings related to Peace Support Operations, an institution with which we will hopefully be able to enlarge our cooperation in future,” said Ambassador Hunn, Swiss Embassy to BiH announced.