Switzerland donates specialized medical equipment to health institutions

Switzerland donates specialized medical equipment to health institutions


SARAJEVO, July 28 (FENA) – Switzerland provided the health centres in the Una-Sana Canton, the Emergency unit of the Sarajevo Canton, as well as several health facilities in the Sarajevo Canton and the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton with special equipment for emergency operations. This will further improve health care for both the local population and people on the move.

The medical equipment and devices such as 100 doctor bags, EKG and protective equipment provides the health structure with essential resources to meet the needs of patients and protect medical staff from health risks, announced the Danish Refugee Council.

“The medical equipment will not only improve the quality of the health care services for both local population and migrants, but also allow assisting more patients in need. The risk of COVID-19 infection of personnel and patients in health structures and migrant reception centers is reduced through the donation of protective equipment and products to maintain hygiene and disinfection,” said Chantal Felder, Deputy Director of Cooperation at the Embassy of Switzerland in BiH.

The donated equipment, worth 315,000 BAM, was provided through the project “Response to humanitarian and health needs of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in BiH”, funded by the Swiss government and implemented by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC).

It is said in the announcement that Switzerland and DRC recognize the additional strain that is placed on the public healthcare system as a result of both the increased numbers of asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants in the country and the need of local citizens.

“The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina related to migration requires intensive mobilization of medical staff, an extremely high number of medical examinations and serious interventions performed daily in hospitals and health centers. In addition, the capacity of infirmaries operating in temporary reception centers,  where medical staff from local health centers are working, are strenghtened,” pointed out Verica Rečević, DRC BiH Programe Manager.