Tegeltija on IMF, budget and elections after the session of BiH CoM

Tegeltija on IMF, budget and elections after the session of BiH CoM

SARAJEVO, May 21 (FENA) – Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zoran Tegeltija (SNSD) said today that the decision on the allocation of funds from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was adopted and defined in the Letter of Intent.

“I think that the Central Bank has everything that is needed to allocate the funds to the entities and the Brčko District and I do not think it is needed to make a new decision. This is an unnecessary story about the allocation of funds,” Tegeltija added.

He referred to the issue of financing local elections, noting that they can be prepared and conducted, and that there is no need to insist on the deadline for securing funds, which the Central Election Commission (CEC) claims expires tomorrow.

“Within BiH, there are groups that do not want the elections to be held due to the failure they would experience in the elections and are looking for different ways to prolong them until the end of the year or in the spring of next year, and there are options to merge with the general elections,” he explained.

That is simply not possible, says Tegeltija, which is why he called on the Central Election Commission to conduct procedures related to the elections and announced that the funds will be provided in the budget, as agreed with the BiH Presidency by the end of this month.

Speaking about the decision regarding the entry of foreign citizens into BiH, which was adopted today at the session of the Council of Ministers of BiH, he said that it will come into force tomorrow and the intention was to resolve the issue of entry of business people in BiH.

They will be able to enter BiH with clear measures proposed by the crisis staffs, such as that they need to be tested negative for coronavirus, and will have to report to health workers in the municipalities they go to.

He announced that next week, in agreement with health representatives, citizens from neighboring countries should be allowed to enter the country as a first step and a test of opening BiH’s borders, and that entry should be quite liberal.