The budget for the returnee population in RS is doubled

The budget for the returnee population in RS is doubled

SARAJEVO, April 17 (FENA) – The FBiH Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees received almost twice as much budget this year than in previous years, therefore 45.4 million KM is available for the realization of return projects.

“It is an initiative that has existed for the past few years, to even fix the amount of funds that will be intended for the return process, but there was no political will. This time it happened and in the FBiH Parliament we received a budget as needed by the returnees,” said FBiH Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees Edin Ramić for FENA.

He expressed hope that, given the double amount, there will be twice as many realized projects, but he emphasized that young people are in focus.

“The most important for us is to support young people in the Republika Srpska entity, from support for prenatal policy to support for primary school students, high school students and those who have completed their studies to get their first job in RS,” said Ramić.

He also stated the importance of supporting all start-ups that apply to public calls of the relevant ministry and all entrepreneurs who apply for employment projects.

He reminded that the Ministry had employment programs in previous years, but that there were not enough funds for the real needs of returnees. Due to that, a significant number of ideas were not realized, but there was also a significant number of young people with ideas for starting a business.

Regarding the demands of the returnees, the Minister said that the most requested are infrastructure, renovation of housing units and support in agriculture.

He announced workshops and connecting entrepreneurs, and maybe a fair of returnee economy in order for people to connect, exchange ideas and to find new markets with the support of the Ministry.