Three persons in Mostar infected with coronavirus, all in stable condition

Three persons in Mostar infected with coronavirus, all in stable condition

MOSTAR, March 18 (FENA) – Three persons in Mostar have been infected with the Covid-19 virus, have been placed in the isolation ward of the Infectious Diseases Clinic and are in stable condition.

“We have three positive patients and all of them are related to the first patient who was admitted to the Department of Pulmonary Diseases of the University Clinical Hospital Mostar two days ago. The second person was his wife, who was expected to be positive considering they were living in the same house. Their son was tested yesterday and was negative, and today we repeat the test, while the third contact is a woman in the maternity ward, who recently gave birth and is an employee of the first person in his company. The newborn testing is also underway,” said Prof. dr. Jurica Arapović, an infectiology specialist at the Infectious Diseases Clinic.

The first person infected is in stable condition with bilateral pneumonia and is currently breathing independently, he added.

“A broad epidemiological survey of contacts is underway and there are many of them. My advice is to all those who have been in contact with infected persons to contact their epidemiologist and their doctor. There is no room for panic,” said Dr. Arapović.

He said that they do not know who the ‘patient zero’ is, or where the Covid-19 virus came from in Mostar, since the person infected claimed that he had not traveled outside the country in recent days.

Head of the Department of Pulmonary Diseases at the Mostar Hospital, Dr. Kristina Galić said eight doctors and nurses who were in primary contact with the patient were sent to isolation and will be tested for Covid-19.

Dr. Galić called on media representatives “to stop the media lynch of an on-duty doctor who received the first patient.”

“The patient came to the Emergency Medicine Center of the Mostar Hospital with respiratory problems with symptoms of dyspnea and lack of oxygen. He was examined by a doctor on duty at the emergency clinic, his medical history was taken, and the patient repeatedly stated that he had not traveled or had contact with anyone outside. He was taken care of according to the current guidelines of the Department of Pulmonary Diseases,” said Dr. Galić.

The Mostar Hospital Director, Dr. Ante Kvesić said it was not possible to stop the virus, but it was necessary to follow the prescribed measures to slow its spread.

“We have been preparing for this situation for two months and now we have 300-400 prepared beds, if necessary we will have 500 of them. If needed, we have two more facilities in Mostar,” said Kvesić, adding that there should be no panic or drama.

Regarding the epidemiological situation in the gynecology and the neonatal ward of the Mostar Hospital, Kvesić said that these wards are currently being disinfected and will be ready for work in a few hours, and “Dr. Safet Mujić” Regional Medical Center is ready to help if necessary.