Tulumović: OHR insists on the functionality of Tuzla Canton

Tulumović: OHR insists on the functionality of Tuzla Canton

TUZLA, January 12 (FENA) – Prime Minister of the Tuzla Canton, Denijal Tulumović, announced today that the session of the Cantonal Assembly should be held on Friday, and that all documents adopted in the previous period will be considered at the session.

Speaking about the conclusions of the meeting held in the Office of the High Representative (OHR) regarding the political crisis in that canton, Tulumović said at the press conference that the OHR insists on the functionality of the Tuzla Canton.

He pointed out that due to the impossibility of holding a session of the TC Assembly, the OHR requires that all relevant issues be returned to the parliamentary procedures, which would enable a normal sequence of functioning in political decision-making in this canton.

He also announced that the cantonal government would withdraw the decision on state of emergency in TC, which was made earlier.

“The decision on the state of emergency, which I made on the initiative of the Chairman of the Assembly of TC, was made so that this canton in the previous period could function normally with all powers, so that regular salaries to budget beneficiaries, benefits and social benefits could be paid which was questionable by not approving the TC budget,” said Tulumović.

He stated that he also asked what if the Assembly of TC is not in full convocation again, in that case, as he said, the canton will be left without a budget.

“I did not receive an answer. It was said that everything should be resolved in the Assembly of TC,” added Tulumović.