Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) delegation visits FENA

Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) delegation visits FENA

SARAJEVO, November 29 (FENA) – A delegation of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, visited the Federal News Agency (FENA) and learned about the agency’s work process, how news and multimedia content emerge, focusing on their best quality.

FENA General Manager Elmir Huremović informed TRT Representative Bekim Muftarević about FENA’s current activities and challenges, as well as future plans.

The importance of cooperation between the two media outlets in order to better inform the public in the region and beyond was highlighted at the meeting.

It was emphasized that TRT, as a liaison between Turkey and Southeast Europe, and FENA, as the leading news agency in BiH and beyond, are focused on positive news and content.

Enhancement of cooperation of mutual interest was announced, so that both media outlets could achieve their goals.