Turković: Sanctions for individuals from BiH should be announced today

Turković: Sanctions for individuals from BiH should be announced today

SARAJEVO, January 5 (FENA) – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bisera Turković confirmed that sanctions for individuals from BiH should be announced today, but considers that those imposing sanctions should clarify the details and indicate the entities to which they will apply.

She added that it had been worked on for a long time and expressed the opinion that there was a harmonized position between the United States of America and the European Union, but that would not be the end, but only the beginning of the imposition of sanctions.

The work of state institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been blocked since July last year, when Republika Srpska representatives refused to participate in any decision-making because former High Representative to BiH Valentin Inzko imposed amendments to the Criminal Code banning genocide denial and glorification of war criminals.

The United States and the European Union have demanded that the work of BiH institutions be unblocked and that decisions on the establishment of a drug agency in the BiH entity of the RS and further activities on the transfer of competencies from the state to the entity be abandoned.

All this has caused the biggest political crisis in BiH since the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement, which is why several international officials have talked about the possibility of imposing sanctions.