Tuzla Airport decreases number of passengers due to reduction of some routes

Tuzla Airport decreases number of passengers due to reduction of some routes

SARAJEVO, February 18 (FENA) – Tuzla International Airport serviced a total of 35.188 passengers in January this year, which is a decrease of 3.2 percent.

Head of Department of Air Traffic and Aviation Services at Tuzla International Airport, Edina Šišić, told FENA that “compared to the same period last year, there was a slight decrease in the number of passengers and is related to the reduction of certain lines during the winter period, and there are no indications that it is connected to the global outbreak of coronavirus”.

“As for the Tuzla Airport, we closely cooperate with the Ministry of Health of the Tuzla Canton, and we are a member of their crisis headquarters and we also work closely with the BiH Border Police. Measures of employee self-protection have been taken and so far we have not had any occurrence of passengers with symptoms of coronavirus,” said Šišić.

She explained that “the Border Police is acting upon the instructions of their respective authorities and that they carry out a first scan of the passengers”.

“In the case of suspected passengers, we will call on medical workers and emergency services at the Tuzla airport to carry out necessary steps and procedures,” Šišić said.

She noted that airport staff do not measure temperature to their passengers but observe and if there is need to do so then they call medical workers at the airport.

“The obligation of the airline is to report if any of the passengers show signs of illness and to report it to the border guards immediately after landing,” she pointed out.