UN Women in BiH launches ‘Thank you, heroines’ campaign

UN Women in BiH launches ‘Thank you, heroines’ campaign

SARAJEVO, July 6 (FENA) – UN Women in BiH is launching the “Thank You, Heroines” campaign in July, aimed at raising awareness about the numerous contributions of women in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this campaign, UN Women BiH wants to express gratitude to the women who provided and continue to provide support during the crisis, but also to point out the gender aspects of the “COVID-19” pandemic.

As UN Women in BiH stated, during the coronavirus pandemic, women were and still are on the frontline of response to the Covid-19 crisis. Numerous women have shown that their roles in a crisis-ridden society are irreplaceable. About 70 percent of health workers are women, making them more at risk of infection.

Through their work, women also actively contribute to strengthening of economy, advocate for the rights of women and marginalized social groups, and work to improve the living conditions of all citizens. They still most often take care of children and elderly and / or sick members of the household, but also of the household itself, doing up to three times more unpaid housework than men.

“Women have a key role in this crisis, as persons who do important work and take care of their families. This must be recognized. The pandemic has led to the expression of inequality. Women may face often violent partners in their homes. Also, they are more likely to be at risk of losing their jobs or have already lost their jobs. Despite this, women continue to provide support. They are on the frontline of response to the crisis and devote their time, skills and their resources to easing the burden we all face. UN Women supports, recognizes and celebrates their commitment,” said UN Women Representative in BiH David Saunders.

“Thank You, Heroines” campaign is aimed at raising awareness on numerous contribution of women and the importance of equal representation of women in decision-making through stories about BiH women who are engaged in responding to the “COVID-19” crisis on a daily basis. It is time to thank health workers, service workers, entrepreneurs, journalists, volunteers, professors, activists and all women who continue to provide strong support during the pandemic and who, through their commitment, strengthen the response to the crisis.

The campaign is being realized on the social networks of UN Women in BiH – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where it is possible to read stories about amazing women and thank the women who are contributing to a strong Covid-19 response by using hashtag #HvalaVamHeroine (#ThankYouHeroines).