UNICEF BiH supports online workshops for teachers from BiH and the region

UNICEF BiH supports online workshops for teachers from BiH and the region

SARAJEVO, June 1 (FENA) – Since mid-March, all primary and secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in around 400,000 children not going to school.

Closing school buildings did not stop learning. Educational institutions in BiH have applied good practices from the very start and introduced teaching via online platforms.

In partnership with UNICEF, the educational authorities started implementing projects adjusted to local needs. On top of the acquisition of technological equipment and access to the internet as preconditions for online teaching, it was necessary to enhance professional capacity for teachers in order to improve online teaching.

“Education in BiH is facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to ensuring access to quality education for all children. This pandemic opened windows of opportunity for innovations in the education system and introduction of digital content, during and after the pandemic.

The quality of education is dependent on the quality of teaching and it is, therefore, crucial to supporting teachers to develop their professional skills to adapt to the new environment. UNICEF will continue to support the educational authorities in BiH in ensuring that every child, regardless of their background, has an opportunity to learn and develop their potential,” said Dr. Rownak Khan, UNICEF Representative in BiH.

Ministry for Education, Science and Youth of the Sarajevo Canton immediately started educating both parents and children, but this method of teaching had to be learned also by teachers and administrative staff. Although some schools have had one week of online school for years now, which made the adjustment period easier, most teachers had to go through additional training in order to improve the quality of online teaching, stated the UNICEF BiH.