UNICEF in BiH marks World Children’s Day

UNICEF in BiH marks World Children’s Day

SARAJEVO, November 19 (FENA) – UNICEF in Bosnia and Herzegovina today organized an event to mark the World Children’s Day and the 75th anniversary of UNICEF.

“We will continue to insist on equal rights for children throughout the world, including Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will strive to ensure that they reach their full potential once they grow up, and to have good health and education in their childhood,” said UNICEF Representative in BiH Rownak Khan.

She believes that education is one of the biggest problems that children face in BiH.

“Children go to school, but the quality of education is questionable because it is not in line with European standards. We are working with our partners and relevant institutions to solve this problem,” said Khan.

She thanked the partners, institutions and authorities with whom UNICEF has a commitment to ensure the rights of the child in order for all children to fulfill their dreams.

UN Resident Coordinator in BiH Ingrid Macdonald underlined that the issue of education, mental and physical health of the child is important.

“UNICEF works diligently and selflessly on the education of children and we will strive to provide education for all children in BiH. In the past two years, about 5,000 children have not been able to attend school. That non-attendance at school does not only affect the quality of education, but also their mental health, their parents,” said Macdonald.

Speaking about immunization against children’s diseases, she pointed out the cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, and efforts will be made to establish the infrastructure for vaccines to come and be evenly distributed throughout BiH.