UNSA students take to the streets in peaceful protests

UNSA students take to the streets in peaceful protests

SARAJEVO, September 13 (FENA) – Dissatisfied with the behavior and attitude of the Student Parliament of the University of Sarajevo (UNSA), the leadership of the Sarajevo Canton (SC) and the UNSA Rectorate, students of this university gathered today at peaceful protests in front of the Trade Union House in Sarajevo.

Naida Mehanović, one of the organizers of the protest, who also holds the position of president of the Youth Council in SC, said that the latest student request related to the unconditional transition to the next academic year is problematized and highlighted in public, while the other three are being ignored.

“Our first request refers to the implementation of the Law on Higher Education with regard to young people with disabilities, which is completely neglected and young people do not have what is necessary,” said Mehanović in a statement for the media.

She added that the norms regarding conditional subjects are defined differently from faculty to faculty, and that there is inequality in terms of paying membership fees in libraries.

Mehanović further insists that the reasons for the payments for the maintenance of the Student Information System should be explained, as well as the procedural reduction of tuition fees.

She also points out that online and live classes cannot cost the same, as there are two different ways to use resources, without taking into account whether all students have the opportunity to own computers and have internet access.

Mehanović, at the same time, emphasizes that the last request is conditioned by the current pandemic situation and that students are asking to implement the provisions of the Law on Higher Education, which was harmonized last year, and refers to the transfer of subjects from one academic year to another, without additional costs.

She stated that many students lost their loved ones in the pandemic and were sick and infected with Covid themselves, without the competent institutions, unfortunately, having any understanding for that.

Protesters carried banners with the messages: “We do not study only at election time”, “We do not hear you, the connection is bad – Sorry”, “Welcome to reality”, and some others which they used to express their dissatisfaction with the attitude towards their demands.