Web platform ‘Response to Covid-19’ launched in BiH

Web platform ‘Response to Covid-19’ launched in BiH

SARAJEVO, February 4 (FENA) – As part of the regional SoS project, funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (TGF), the Partnership for Health association has launched the Response to Covid-19 web platform in BiH.

The platform will enable health workers engaged in the fight against Covid-19 to obtain expert advice from epidemiologists, infectologists, pulmonologists and experts in the organization of the health system.

This innovative web platform was developed in cooperation with the Association of Infectious Diseases in BiH. In addition to the system of expert consultations with experts in the field relevant to Covid-19, www.c19.ba also provides many useful facts about Covid-19, which are important to the general population, as well as relevant, latest news from the field from the country and the world.

“The project Response to Covid-19 in BiH, which includes the development of the mentioned platform and the donation of tests for Covid-19 and protective medical equipment, is a contribution of the Partnership for Health association in the fight against the pandemic in our country.

The goal of the platform is to improve the efficiency of response to Covid-19 in BiH, and better connect health workers in this field. The platform enables healthcare professionals to consult directly with experts in the relevant field. Also, the platform enables the collection of data on specific cases, with a guarantee of data protection in the consultation process,” ays the director of the Partnership for Health, Aida Kurtović.