Wigemark: Being European means accepting differences and being tolerant

Wigemark: Being European means accepting differences and being tolerant

SARAJEVO, May 10 (FENA) – Head of the EU Delegation/Special Representative to BiH Lars-Gunnar Wigemark hosted a solemn reception at the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina last night on the occasion of Europe Day.

“National Museum is not only a beautiful place, but it is the right place to mark the Europe Day. Just as the EU, tonight we remind of the wealth of BiH, its cultural, ethnic and religious diversity and heritage,” said Wigemark.

According to him, being European means accepting differences and being tolerant to people of different ethnic, political, religious and cultural background. Wigemark added that our common European history is what connects us and it should not divide us. As Europeans, he said, we should constantly remind ourselves not to repeat mistakes and tragedies from the past.

He emphasized that the EU and its member states are ready to support all BiH institutions that are working on the European integration.

“For those purposes we will double our financial assistance within IPA funds to 80 million euros per year in the upcoming period. Apart from that, the European Investment Bank and other EU institutions continue securing hundreds of millions of euros of loans with the lowest interest rates for these purposes, from the new hospitals to ecologically acceptable transport and energy infrastructure,” said Head of the EU Delegation at the reception which was attended by numerous guests from political, religious and cultural life and representatives of diplomatic corps.