Zvizdić: We have met all the obligations regarding the construction of Tuzla TPP block 7  

Zvizdić: We have met all the obligations regarding the construction of Tuzla TPP block 7  

SARAJEVO, September 19 (FENA) – The BiH Council of Ministers has reached full consensus and unanimously adopted the text of the Letter of Support regarding the construction of Tuzla Thermal Power Plant Block 7, stated the BiH Council of Ministers Chairman Denis Zvizdić to reporters at a press conference today.

“As for the Letter of Support, we have thus completed all the obligations that the Council of Ministers of BiH has in connection with the construction of the block 7 in Tuzla. All other obligations, in general, in financial, operational and any other sense, are at the level of the Federation of BiH, institutions and companies that are competent and responsible for the implementation of this important project and the most important energy project in BiH,” Zvizdić emphasized.

Speaking about the migrant crisis, the entry of illegal migrants, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH said that they have decided to hold a meeting next week that would include not only the members of the Council of Ministers of BiH, but also the directors of the competent institutions, directorates and agencies.

It is necessary to fully devote ourselves to the issue of migrants from various aspects, bearing in mind that reports from directors are required, of whom each of them is responsible for one of the segments related to the entry of migrants, obtaining asylum, their accommodation, etc.

“At the moment, there are approximately four thousand migrants in the territory of BiH, according to the information from our competent services. We expect that there will be a decrease in the number of migrants with the arrival of winter, but we need to adequately prepare for the accommodation of those residing in BiH,” Zvizdić stated.

The Council of Ministers of BiH adopted a proposal for a contract for the construction of a regional solid waste landfill that will be credited by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. It is a project worth five million euros. It is a regional solid waste landfill for the municipalities of Živinice, Banovići and Kladanj. The project should be completed by the end of 2022.

Among other things, an agreement was reached between the Council of Ministers of BiH and the Government of the Republic of Croatia on the maintenance and reconstruction of bridges at the state border.

“Including today’s agreements, we have a total of about 45 agreements that are in one of the approval stages either before the BiH Presidency or the BiH Parliamentary Assembly.

This is further evidence that the blockade of the BiH parliament that is anti-constitutional has a negative impact on all BiH citizens, on the entire territory of BiH. Because at the moment, due to such an anti-constitutional blockade, more than one billion euros of funds are on hold, awaiting their final implementation which would help significantly improve the economic and environmental situation, health care, etc.” Zvizdić emphasized.