Ambassador of Pakistan in BiH, Muhammad Khalid Rao issues his farewell message

Ambassador of Pakistan in BiH, Muhammad Khalid Rao issues his farewell message

SARAJEVO, August 26 (FENA) – After two enriching and rewarding years, my Ambassadorial assignment in Bosnia & Herzegovina will end on 30 August 21. The time passed so quickly like a flash. Yet the memories that I carry along, upon completion of my diplomatic stint in this beautiful country are everlasting, writes the Ambassador of Pakistan in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Muhammad Khalid Rao in his farewell message.

As I complete my tenure in Bosnia and Herzegovina as Pakistan’s Ambassador, I would like to convey my profound gratitude to the Government and the people of Bosnia & Herzegovina for their support, love and affection that made my stay in this country, most conspicuous and cherished part of my life and career.

Pakistan greatly values its relations with Bosnia & Herzegovina. Our two brotherly countries are bound through a knot of friendship, history of mutual respect, and tradition of standing by each other’s side whenever needed. This mutual love and affection make this relationship most valued for both our nations.

The above mutual respect for each other was also self-evident during the visit of the then Chairman of Bosnian Presidency H.E. Mr. Šefik Džaferović and his delegation to Pakistan in November 2020.  This visit indeed served as a major milestone in our friendly relations as both countries reiterated their unconditional support to each other, whenever required. Pakistan holds the firm belief that the prosperity and success of sovereign and independent Bosnia & Herzegovina is indeed the key to regional peace and prosperity.

Not only me and my wife, but my children and their families who came from London, Islamabad and Sydney visited the length and breadth of this country and went back smitten with the beauty of both the land and its people.

I would always remember the cooperation I got from the international diplomatic community and the government officials/functionaries in the discharge of my duties.

On a personal note, the symphonies of Waterfalls at Kravica and Jajce, the sublime waters of Neretva River, the beautiful mountains of Mostar and the majestic landscape of Sarajevo embellished by the lively buzz of Baščaršija would always continue to remind me of the grandeur of beautiful Bosnia & Herzegovina.

With these and many other fond memories of Bosnia & Herzegovina, I say Good Bye to this majestic land. I may not be physically present in Bosnia & Herzegovina, yet would continue to remain associated and linked with this beautiful country through the unbreakable bond of friendship and affection. At the same time, I would continue to pray for the prosperity and success of Bosnia & Herzegovina as well as for further strengthening of the brotherly relations between Pakistan and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Long Live Pakistan-Bosnia & Herzegovina Friendship!, wrote in his farewell message the Ambassador of Pakistan in BiH, Muhammad Khalid Rao.