EANA elects new Board members at a conference and General Assembly in Prague

EANA elects new Board members at a conference and General Assembly in Prague

PRAGUE, September 20 (FENA) – The General Assembly of the European Alliance of News Agencies EANA was held today in Prague, as part of the regular annual gathering of the EANA Alliance members.

Members of the Assembly today, among other, elected two new members of the Governing Board, Clive Marshall, Chief Executive of PA Group from the UK and Armela Krasniqi, General Director of the Albanian News Agency ATA, who together with another Board member, Jiri Majstr, CEO of ČTK (the Czech News Agency), comprise the Governing Board of the Alliance.

The Assembly was also an opportunity to present the EANA Journalist Training Program for 2019 and the award-winning project of the Swiss News Agency Keystone-SDA.

Members of the Assembly today decided on the venue for the Alliance’s 2020 Spring and Fall conferences.

The host of this year’s conference and the EANA General Assembly is the Czech News Agency ČTK, whose Director Jiri Majstr said it was a pleasure and a very good experience to host such a conference.

“I believe that European news agencies have a lot in common, a lot to share, to exchange information and experiences, so we are glad to have hosted you,” said the CEO of the Czech News Agency ČTK.

This year’s conference and the General Assembly, taking place on September 19 and 20 in Prague, has brought together directors and representatives of more than 30 news agencies, including news agencies of Turkey, Germany, Albania, Croatia, Azerbaijan, and among the participants of the conference is the General Manager of the Federal News Agency (FENA) from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Elmir Huremović.

The main theme of the conference is “Artificial Intelligence (AI): opportunities, threats and long-term perspectives for news agency strategies”.

The European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) was established in 1956 as a forum for cooperation and exchange of information following the Strasbourg conference.

It is comprised of 32 news agencies that promote and respect copyrights, access to quality information, technological development of the media and media freedoms.

The Federal News Agency FENA has been a member of EANA since 2017, as the only representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina.