EU to protect whistleblowers: European Commission

EU to protect whistleblowers: European Commission

BRUSSELS, March 12 (FENA/AA) – The European Commission on Tuesday said it has reached a provisional agreement with member states on new rules to protect whistleblowers across the EU.

“We should protect whistleblowers from being punished, sacked, demoted or sued in court for doing the right thing for society,” said First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, adding that the new rules will make sure whistleblowers can report in a safe way.

“This will help tackle fraud, corruption, corporate tax avoidance and damage to people’s health and the environment,” he added.

The new rules include a wide range covered by EU law, including anti-money laundering and corporate taxation, data protection, protection of the Union’s financial interests, food and product safety, environmental protection and nuclear safety, the statement said.

Moreover, the member states are free to extend these rules to other areas, it added.

In April 2018, the Commission proposed a draft directive on the protection of persons reporting on breaches of union law to better protect whistleblowers throughout Europe.