EXPO 2020 as a promotion of civilizations

EXPO 2020 as a promotion of civilizations

DUBAI, October 31 (FENA) – A robot police officer who will ask you not to block his way because he is in charge of security is the first image you will see at the world’s largest fair EXPO 2020, which is being held in Dubai this year.

He and the robot mascot of that fair are a hint of what you will see in the pavilions of 190 countries, which, using the latest technology, have enabled visitors to peek into the best corners of their countries.

In 2013, it was decided that Dubai will host EXPO 2020, which was supposed to be held last year, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It will last until March 31 and the organizers expect 25 million people to visit the fair in six months.

It was promised then from that cosmopolitan city that the exhibition would amaze the world, that it would bring new life to the Middle East in terms of culture and creativity, and bring a different image of an Arab world that is tolerant and open. They certainly fulfilled their promise.

In the large parking lot, there are buses that take you to the entrance of the fair where security checks are performed, and then through a high steel door you enter the fair where you will find impressive pavilion buildings at the beginning.

About 50 percent of the energy needed at the fairgrounds is produced thanks a large flexible solar canopy consisting of photovoltaic cells providing shade during the day. Its fabric is the background for digital projections and light effects.

This city, built for the needs of the fair, is divided into three parts, and each part represents one of the three main themes of the exhibition: Mobility, Opportunities and Sustainability. The large square in the center of the fair from which the roads lead to these three thematic units is a space for presentations and other events.

The square is covered with a steel dome and bears the symbolic name Al Wasl, which in Arabic means “connection”. Its construction required months of planning and organization of the entire engineering team, which had to assemble all the parts of the structure very precisely.

It is not possible to visit each of the pavilions, there are about 190 pavilions of different sizes and layouts, but at first it is obvious that the states did not skimp on the best possible presentation of their potentials. Some of them presented in a very creative way what technology can do.

Among the numerous pavilions is the one of Bosnia and Herzegovina that is open to visitors, but is still not completed with facilities. For now, visitors can see large panels presenting BiH’s tourist attractions and potentials. Bosnia and Herzegovina is participating in the fair under the slogan “A meeting point of Western and Eastern civilizations”.

The “Song Pavilion” sends an illuminated message into space, in which each of the visitors of the World Exhibition EXPO 2020 can participate. One such message was sent by the FENA team, which visited this pavilion as well.

The pavilion is shaped like a giant wooden instrument that uses an algorithm to create a cumulative collection of songs that illuminates its twenty-meter-diameter façade, aiming to draw attention to the growing importance of algorithms and the UK’s cultural diversity.

Upon entering the Mobility department, you will be greeted by the Russian Pavilion. It is built in several domes in all colors, and its interior with modern technology represents the skills of human intelligence.

The pavilion is built in the form of a giant dome, with its outer shell consisting of many tiny multi-colored tubes. Their interlacing creates a visual effect of endlessness and symbolizes the eternal process of cognition and learning the world.

The pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has joined the world celebrations of the 76th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations. It reflects Saudi Arabia’s unwavering support for the UN and all of its ambitious programs that seek to achieve sustainable development goals for people and planet Earth.

One of the pavilions that FENA team visited was also Peruvian. Structured according to the concept of timeless Peru, it displays the best of tourism and gastronomy, as well as the best cultural samples and products from different regions of the country.

We also visited the Colombia Pavilion, which is said to be the most welcome pavilion and promotes the people of that country as good hosts. Through everything they present on several floors of the pavilion, you will be guided by employees who will teach you a bit of Spanish and how to play and dance.

The Indonesia Pavilion has one special setting that attracts the attention of visitors with the presentation of unique Indonesian spices placed in transparent boxes so its textures and shapes are visible. You will then go through the different cultures and customs of that country.

Probably one of the visually most attractive pavilions of the EXPO is the one in Luxembourg, designed to reflect their ideas of openness, in the form of a sign for infinity.

Inside the exhibit, if you’re not willing to go down the stairs, go down the slide that takes you straight to the ground floor of the pavilion. In fact, it is the only pavilion that offers this alternative of walking down the stairs. We tried it.

The pavilion of the United Arab Emirates, the host country, attracts attention, but the wait to enter that pavilion can take more than an hour. It is designed in the shape of falcon wings that can be closed with roof solar panels.

The Swiss pavilion is certainly one of those that attracts attention and it has a facade that acts like a giant mirror and that reflects the giant red entrance carpet. Named Reflections, the pavilion is designed to get visitors to think about the image of Switzerland.

With more than 190 countries participating in the world’s largest fair, each pavilion tells a different story, the story of civilizations and visitors to the EXPO have the whole world at their fingertips, as well as numerous cultural events and entertainment programs that are planned during the fair.