Komšić attends the marking of the 75th anniversary of UNESCO in Paris

Komšić attends the marking of the 75th anniversary of UNESCO in Paris

SARAJEVO, November 12 (FENA) – Chairman of the BiH Presidency Željko Komšić attended the marking of the 75th anniversary of UNESCO as part of the 41st session of the UN General Conference in Paris.

Komšić thanked UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay and congratulated her on marking this significant jubilee of the organization with which Bosnia and Herzegovina has had successful cooperation since 1995.

He especially emphasized the importance of the current project in the field of education, which is jointly implemented by UNESCO, UNICEF and the International Labor Organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the institutions of our country.

“Unfortunately, the COVID 19 pandemic has caused enormous damage in all spheres of society in our country, including education. The project titled “Rethinking Education Again” aims to create a better education for children during and after the pandemic. It is a significant fact that the project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for which it applied together with 149 other countries, was recognized as of exceptional quality, and that only 18 countries passed and received funding from a special fund, including our country.

We have witnessed the lockdown in all educational institutions in the past period, which has left unforeseeable consequences on our children and their education,” said Komšić.

He added that the project is financed from a special fund set up by the UN Secretary-General to support recovery processes from COVID 19, and that it would significantly help our country adapt to new ways of operating, especially for the most vulnerable categories of society.