Grlić Radman: Croatia will help a functional, stable and secure BiH

Grlić Radman: Croatia will help a functional, stable and secure BiH

KREŠEVO, April 15 (FENA) – Croatian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlić Radman visited the ‘Stanić Beverages’ factory and the Franciscan monastery in Kreševo ​​as part of a two-day working visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Radman described the two-day visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina as very successful. He visited the most important institutions and high-level dignitaries of religious communities, and he presented a document that Croatia will discuss at the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels.

He visited a museum at the Franciscan monastery in Kreševo, which he said testified to the Croat identity and strong roots of Croats in BiH.

“I was pleasantly surprised with all these exhibits. It is one of the oldest museums in BiH. The Government of the Republic of Croatia provides financial support and will continue to do so in order to preserve jobs in BiH and for Croats to stay in their communities,” said Grlić Radman.

He points out that Croatia has fulfilled its foreign policy goals and is globally visible in the international community, which strengthens its responsibility towards neighboring countries.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is our immediate neighborhood, a country with which we share a border of more than 1,100 kilometers and in which Croats are a constituent people. We talked about the need to amend the Election Law, which would eliminate discrimination and inequalities so that all BiH citizens would feel equally comfortable. Croatia will help a functionally stable and secure BiH,” he said.

He states that Croatia is an advocate of Bosnia and Herzegovina at European forums, because, as he said, what Croatia has achieved, namely the membership in the European Union and NATO, it also wants for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He also spoke about the facilities of the “Stanić Beverages” factory and said it was an impressive plant. Grlić Radman sent a message to Croats who want to return to BiH to do so and invest in their homeland.