Krasniqi: Free movement of people and goods on both sides is solution to the current Kosovo-Serbia dispute

Krasniqi: Free movement of people and goods on both sides is solution to the current Kosovo-Serbia dispute

SARAJEVO, September 26 (FENA) – Founder of the KosovaPress News Agency Skënder Krasniqi commented for FENA on tensions between Serbia and Kosovo after Kosovo deployed special police forces to carry out a government decree at the Jarinje and Brnjak border crossings to remove Serbian license plates and switch to temporary Kosovo licence plates when entering the country.

Vehicle owners have been given a deadline to register their cars with valid Kosovo license plates. In Serbia, they still “produce” car plates with the signs of Kosovo cities, on which the coat of arms of Serbia is placed. The government of Albin Kurti demanded that this be stopped.

The Kosovo government’s decision provoked a reaction from Serbs there, who gathered at border crossings and blocked the road inland.

“The main reason for this situation is the decision of Prime Minister Albin Kurti to establish reciprocity when it comes to license plates for cars coming from Serbia. However, if we stop and analyze, Serbia has been forcing cars coming from Kosovo to have temporary Serbian license plate in order to be allowed to enter their country. Therefore, Kosovo acts only on the principle of reciprocity,” Krasniqi underlined.

Asked what consequences this could have on relations between the two countries, on stability and the continuation of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, Krasniqi said that the situation in Kosovo is generally calm and that the idea of establishing reciprocity for license plates is generally welcome.

“Of course, both countries are expected to take concrete measures that will stabilize the situation and continue the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, despite the fact that the process has been slowed down due to the fact that Serbia does not respect the agreements reached,” said Krasniqi.

Krasniqi sees the solution to this small conflict, if it can be called that, in removing such decisions on setting up temporary license plates on both sides and in exercising the fundamental freedoms set by the European Union, namely the free movement of people, goods, services and capital.