Mesić: The problem is that Serbia has not yet gone through a catharsis

Mesić: The problem is that Serbia has not yet gone through a catharsis

BAKU, November 7 (FENA) – The problem of our region, which is then reflected beyond, is that after the war during the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Serbia, which initiated the war, did not experience catharsis after the war, said in a conversation with journalists in Baku, former Croatian President Stjepan Mesić.

“Those who came to power in Serbia were not against Milošević because he went to war, but because he did not win the war,” said Mesić, one of the participants of the 8th Baku Forum, for FENA’s reporter from the capital of Azerbaijan.

According to him, on the other side we have Croatia, which has largely maintained the relations that existed during Tuđman’s time, whose plan was to split and divide BiH with Milošević.

“Now you have those that came after them who think that the time has come to divide BiH again,” he warned.

He also pointed out the issue of non-recognition of Kosovo, in which Serbian politics is “very aggressive”. However, he believes that Kosovo is a “technical issue” and that Serbia cannot get Kosovo back in any way.

“It’s an illusion,” claims Mesić.

But, there are attempts to get Montenegro back under the auspices of Serbia.

“They tried everything they could and now they have decided to disrupt the inter-religious relations established in Montenegro. It seems transient to me, but all that leaves a lot of nervousness in the region,” Mesić believes.

He also considers the European Union is largely responsible for all of this, because it has not solved some of its internal problems.

“Today, the European Union does not have a leader who has a vision. You have bureaucrats who keep things going but don’t offer a way out. We do not have leaders who will pull countries that are not in the European Union to join the EU as soon as possible. On the one hand, the enthusiasm of those who want to join the European Union has been lost, and on the other hand, there is accession fatigue. Obviously, these leaders do not know that the essence of Europe is in its unification. All this delay in the enlargement of the European Union harms the EU itself and world politics,” Mesić concluded.