Schütz: Christian Schmidt will be confirmed as the new High Representative in BiH

Schütz: Christian Schmidt will be confirmed as the new High Representative in BiH

BERLIN, January 27 (FENA) – Director of the Department for Southeast Europe, Turkey, OSCE and the Council of Europe at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Susanne Schütz, in an interview with the web portal, expressed confidence that Christian Schmidt would be appointed as the new High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She emphasized that Germany has a great interest in the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is firmly committed to its European future. He also notes that Germany has carefully entered the story of the appointment of a new High Representative in BiH, and activities in that area have been going on since the second part of last year.

Schütz states that their initiative is part of a multi-phase process of support for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and underlines Germany’s desire for BiH to be high on the list of political activities of the international community.

“Let me, first of all, emphasize that we highly appreciate and respect all that Ambassador Valentin Inzko has done. He contributed a lot to the peace and stability of BiH. Since the establishment of the Office of the High Representative (OHR), much has been achieved in BiH,” she added.

However, there are still many challenges, and this is especially true of interethnic reconciliation, but other tasks are as important as the rule of law and socio-economic reforms.

“Some of these tasks are also listed in the 5+2 agenda, which establishes the preconditions for the closure of the OHR. One of them is the distribution of property ownership between the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its entities. There is also fiscal sustainability. The High Representative continues to play a significant role in addressing these challenges. These issues should be treated in close coordination with the EU Special Representative,” Schütz underlined.

She expressed confidence that these foundations would offer a solution that would be in the interest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Speaking about the possibility of using the so-called Bonn powers by the High Representative, she pointed out that the powers of the High Representative can be used only in a prudent and smart way, in order to overcome serious and continuous blockades of reform processes that oppose EU integration and implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Asked by web portal whether the team of the newly appointed President of the United States Joe Biden was informed about the activities of appointing a new High Representative, Schütz confirmed that they have been in contact with all major partners, especially PIC members, including the United States, and informed them about the initiative.