Užice and Tuzla join in to implement a new municipal waste management project

Užice and Tuzla join in to implement a new municipal waste management project

TUZLA, August 6 (FENA) – The project “Suburbs recycling – Establishing a waste management system in suburban settlements of Užice and Tuzla”, which began in July, envisages educating the population of these two cities on proper waste management.

The project, worth around EUR 700,000, which is to be completed in a year and a half, is funded by the European Union through the Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020.

The Partnership Agreement was signed today in Tuzla by the representatives of the Regional Waste Management Center ‘Duboko’, the Public Utility Company ‘Bioktoš’ from Užice, and the Center for Ecology and Energy of the Public Utility Company “Komunalac” from Tuzla.

As part of the project, suburban settlers should receive appropriate bins and dumpsters for the disposal of packaging and mixed waste, organic waste composters, and glass collection containers.

Acting director of the utility company ‘Bioktoš’ Mirjana Radivojčević, says that this project involves 2,500 households that will receive two bins, one for wet, one for dry waste, and primary collection will be made over a large part of the city’s peripheral zones.

Director of the public utility company “Komunalac” from Tuzla, Admir Bećirević pointed out the importance of applying for projects and funds from pre-accession funds, as they are funds that enable additional equipping of utility companies and represent a contribution when it comes to environmental protection.

Five years after the initial cooperation in the field of municipal waste management, utility companies from Tuzla and Užice, together with partner organizations, are jointly implementing a project aimed at establishing primary waste selection in suburban settlements.

“The first project we implemented was declared the best at this stage of the implementation among the EU projects. This is a new success for the cities of Užice and Tuzla where we managed to compete among the big players to get a new project that is bigger and involves more activities and we expect even better results,” said Džemila Agić from the Center for Ecology and Energy from Tuzla.

The implementation of this project will primarily improve the quality of life, extend the lifespan of the landfills, improve the competitiveness of the secondary raw materials market, which will overall contribute to the fulfillment of the obligations of the two countries in the process of joining the European Union.