A short film ‘A Million Steps Trail’ released about Via Dinarica

A short film ‘A Million Steps Trail’ released about Via Dinarica

SARAJEVO, September 19 (FENA) – The organization “Terra Dinarica” ​​produced a short film “A Million Steps Trail” about Via Dinarica trail network, a route that stretches from Slovenia to Albania, through Bosnia and Herzegovina, passing through perhaps the most beautiful part of this mega trail.

Via Dinarica is a route intended for mountaineers, cyclists and other excursionists who visit the Dinarides as tourists, but at the same time a platform for the development and improvement of living conditions for people living in the Dinarides.

The president of “Terra Dinarica”, Zehrudin Isaković, told FENA that the film is of an educational nature, intended for children of primary and secondary schools in order to be informed about the trail network.

As one of the main motives for the establishment of this trail, Isaković mentioned the protection of nature in the area, but also underlined the importance of the development of mountain tourism and recreation through these fairytale areas.

“Everyone who hiked the trail was delighted with the variety and beauties of the area. In BiH, the trail includes the areas of Buško Lake, then the mountains Vranj, Čvrsnica and Prenj, Boračko Lake, Bjelašnica, Visočica, Kalinovik, Zelengora, Sutjeska, Mount Maglić and Trnovačko Lake,” explained Isaković.

Their wish, he added, was for the younger generations to be informed about the trail and to get to love their homeland more through a tour of these natural beauties.

The film was made with the support of UNDP, USAID and the Italian Development Agency (AICS).

Video available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kScxPZOfLIE