Almost all craft shops in Baščaršija closed

Almost all craft shops in Baščaršija closed

SARAJEVO, December 8 (FENA) – Ninety-nine percent of craft shops in Baščaršija were closed due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, confirmed the president of the Association of Old Crafts of the Sarajevo Canton, Mehmed Kalajdžisalihović, in an interview for FENA.

There are no tourists in Sarajevo, so craftsmen have no one to offer their products to.

“As far as tourism is concerned, we know that tourism does not exist anywhere in the world, so it does not exist in our country either. Craftsmen tried to keep the shops open in order to give decor to the bazaar, but even that did not succeed,” said Kalajdžisalihović.

He says that only the essential shops, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and the like are open.

Kalajdžisalihović adds that the institutions, i.e. the Federation of BiH and the Sarajevo Canton, made an effort to provide support and assistance to old crafts.

“They took some steps to save at least as much as the situation so that there would be no total extinction, they did something but those are crumbs,” he says.

He emphasizes that only the development of tourism can help craftsmen.

“Only when the conditions are met and when the tourist season opens, it can be helpful, however, I doubt that it will be soon. Unfortunately, there are no tourists, almost all hotels are closed,” Kalajdžisalihović pointed out.