‘Bentbaša Cliff Diving 2020’ competition held in Sarajevo

‘Bentbaša Cliff Diving 2020’ competition held in Sarajevo

SARAJEVO, August 23 (FENA) – The “Bentbaša Cliff Diving 2020” competition was held on Saturday in Sarajevo at the Bentbaša dam, a former popular summer gathering place on the banks of the Miljacka River.

Divers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region took part in the event.

The winner diver was Elvan Krnić (Montenegro, Tuzi), the second place went to Mustafa Šarić (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zenica) and the third to Sanjin Zejnilagić (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo).

According to one of the organizers of the event, Dino Bajrić, the coronavirus epidemic prevented divers from other European countries from taking part in the competition.

Bajrić also said that this event has been held for the sixth year at this traditional diving location in Sarajevo, unfortunately, has been forgotten in recent times, but that Bentbaša wit this competition surely promotes Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, sports and health in general.

The organizers took the necessary measures to protect against the coronavirus pandemic. A limited number of spectators attended the competition in a fenced area wide enough for the necessary physical distance from each other. Masks and disinfectants were an integral part of the protective measures.

Among the competitors and the jury were prominent representatives of this extreme sport, champion divers from the Old Bridge in Mostar.

The height from which the participants jumped was 18 meters, and the depth of the water in the diving spot was 3.2 meters.

The sponsors of the event were the Municipality of Stari Grad, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Sarajevo Canton, the city administration, BH Telecom, Sara, Tuborg, Aperol Spritz, Mondoco Travel, Elit Nutrition and Oxygen.