BiH becomes bike friendly – A new standard for tourism development

BiH becomes bike friendly – A new standard for tourism development

SARAJEVO, December 12 (FENA) – Accommodation, catering and tourist facilities, as well as service stations and parking lots in Bosnia and Herzegovina will now have the opportunity to be awarded with Bike Friendly Certification. In this way, they become visible destinations on the applications and tourist maps used by cyclotourists when planning their trip.

Bike Friendly Standard is a program that recognizes and certifies, for cyclotourism purposes, service providers who, when eligible, support cycling, cycling trips and experiences.

Thanks to REDAH agency, Bike Friendly Standard is now available in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.

The standard itself and the criteria within individual categories of standards are defined on the basis of current practical knowledge and experience from EU countries where this standard has been applied and in use in accordance with the specific requirements of this category of tourists.

The application of the Bike Friendly Standard, common in developed countries, is a great prospect of tourism development in the Western Balkans, but also an opportunity for Bosnia and Herzegovina to improve its offer and attract more tourists on bicycles.

This activity in BiH is part of the second phase of the Via Dinarica project, which is implemented and co-financed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP BiH), with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID BiH) and the Agency for Development Cooperation of the Republic Italy (AICS), REDAH Agency reported.