Boračko Lake, an ideal place for rest and recreation in the summer

Boračko Lake, an ideal place for rest and recreation in the summer

SARAJEVO, August 22 (FENA) – Boračko Lake is located on the northeast side of the mountain Prenj, and its beauty attracts many tourists to visit it and enjoy all the benefits of nature that this place offers.

If you travel from Konjic, which is about twenty kilometers away, on the way to the lake it is worth stopping at the lookout point from where you can just see all the splendor of this natural mountain gem and its surroundings.

Deputy Director of the Tourism Board of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Semir Temim told FENA that Boračko Lake, as one of the most beautiful natural lakes in BiH, has always attracted tourists who want to spend a summer vacation at a slightly higher altitude, to have a swimming atmosphere during the day and that the nights are a little cooler.

This place is ideal for a vacation in a natural environment, for refreshment in the hot summer days, as well as for recreation, and everyone who visits Boračko Lake will surely find something for themselves.

Temim singles out the proximity of the Neretva River and rafting option, which is a special challenge and adrenaline challenge. It is also possible to enjoy mountain biking, fishing, but also other sports.

Boračko Lake also provides conditions for the organization of schools in nature, team building, etc.

As for accommodation, guests can choose accommodation in auto-camps, bungalows, holiday homes, apartments, etc.

“Boračko Lake is a real pearl with crystal clear water,” Temim concludes, adding that there is a lot more content that guests who visit Boračko Lake can enjoy.

Tourism worker Elmir Hebibović said that this year they have had a much better season than last year, and that there are many more tourists, especially foreign ones.

Apart from guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are a lot of Slovaks, Czechs, tourists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Germany…