Commercial flights at Sarajevo International Airport resume again

Commercial flights at Sarajevo International Airport resume again

SARAJEVO, June 3 (FENA) – The first commercial flight at the Sarajevo International Airport, after a break due to the suspension of flights and closure of airports in BiH, arrived today by Wizz Air on the route Budapest-Sarajevo-Budapest.

“Tomorrow, Air Serbia should have a flight from Belgrade to Sarajevo and return flight to that destination. The company plans to have two flights a week in the first half of June, while it plans to have six flights a week from the second half of the month. According to the current announcements, Turkish Airlines should establish flights from Istanbul to Sarajevo in this month, as well as Austrian Airlines, on the Vienna-Sarajevo-Vienna route,” Sarajevo Airport spokeswoman Sanja Bagarić-Arnaut told FENA.

She added that by the end of June flights should start with Eurowings to Cologne in Germany, as well as Croatia Airlines to Zagreb.

“We would like to remind that companies are those that establish the lines, based on market assessments and analyses, i.e. the interest of citizens for certain lines. In this case, companies especially monitor the measures that are implemented for foreign citizens when entering our country, or vice versa when it comes to the entry of foreigners, and BiH citizens when entering other countries,” said Bagarić-Arnaut.

Considering that restrictive measures are still in force in most countries when it comes to the entry of foreign citizens, this, she added, is also the main reason for establishing fewer lines at the moment, but also less passenger interest in travel.

“A significant return of companies and establishment of flights to destinations that existed at our airport earlier, we expect in July. We urge passengers to adhere to the measures when traveling through the Sarajevo International Airport, which include obligatory wearing of masks, keeping physical distance, and the instructions they receive from each company separately,” said Bagarić-Arnaut.