Đapo: Vareš abounds in significant cultural and historical treasures

Đapo: Vareš abounds in significant cultural and historical treasures

VAREŠ, June 2 (FENA) – The FBiH Minister of Environment and Tourism Edita Đapo visited today the “Eastern Mining” company in Vareš, as well as the local government in that municipality.

Speaking for FENA, Đapo pointed out that the Ministry of Environment and Tourism is following the developments in Vareš, it has participated in the preparation of documents for the protection of Zvijezda Mountain, as well as in the construction of part of the Via Dinarica project track on the same mountain.

“We came to see what happened to all the projects we financed, and to see how the authorities see the further development of this municipality. Vareš is a small area that depended on mining, forests and natural beauties, but lately, it also depends on tourism, considering that Vareš abounds in great cultural and historical treasures. The Tourism Board of Vareš is one of the most active in BiH,” said the Minister.

Đapo also visited the mayor of Vareš, Zdravko Marošević, who informed the minister about the municipal plans for the construction and development of that local community.

“I am glad that the minister is satisfied with what she saw today in Vareš and that she confirmed that we will stay on the same path, and monitor and implement projects, all with the aim of developing Vareš and BiH as a whole,” said Marošević.