Đapo: We plan to assist hoteliers and travel agencies with their overhead costs

Đapo: We plan to assist hoteliers and travel agencies with their overhead costs

SARAJEVO, July 23 (FENA) – The FBiH Minister of Tourism and Environment Edita Đapo has asked the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for 20 million KM to help hoteliers and travel agencies.

“This is assistance intended for overhead costs, such as utilities and it will be divided according to the percentage of taxes they paid,” Đapo told FENA, stating that such an idea is a result of the talks with hoteliers and travel agencies’ representatives.

Earlier, the ministry wanted to propose a system of vouchers or loans to citizens who would spend their summers in BiH. However, Đapo points out, market research has shown that such an initiative would not yield significant results.

She believes that the tourism season can be saved if Bosnians and Herzegovinians spend their summers in their country.

“I appeal to our citizens to spend their holidays in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina because they are air spas and they bring numerous health benefits.

Our seaside town of Neum is also a great choice for those who are used to seaside vacations. The Una National Park, Bihać, Plitvice, Pannonian Lakes offer everything you can ask for a wonderful holiday in BiH,” Đapo emphasized.

She called on the BiH Council of Ministers to open the borders as soon as possible, without unnecessary bureaucratic procedures.

“We need tourists in order for our tourism sector to survive. We need for people from neighboring countries such as Croatia to freely come to BiH for a weekend getaway,” said Đapo.