Djapo attends Via Dinarica project conference

Djapo attends Via Dinarica project conference

SARAJEVO, December 14 (FENA) – FBiH Minister of Environment and Tourism Edita Djapo attended the Via Dinarica: Green and Sustainable Growth Trails Project Conference in Sarajevo today, marking the completion of Phase II of the Via Dinarica project.

This project, implemented by UNDP with the support of the United States Agency for International Development in BiH (USAID), the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), the FBiH Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and other local partners, focuses on the development of nature tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Minister Djapo gave her support to this project, and in today’s introductory speech she emphasized that Via Dinarica has grown into a real international tourist brand.

“This is its significance, because sports-adventure, rural and eco-tourism, all that Via Dinarica offers, are the branches of tourism with the largest share in total tourist traffic during the pandemic, and will certainly remain in the post-pandemic period. These types of tourism enable the development of tourism in a sustainable way, where nature is protected, supports and nurtures traditional ways of life, as the basis for the resilience of local communities to the challenges of modern times,” said Minister Djapo.

The Minister pointed out that given the positive results achieved by this project, the Government of the Federation of BiH through the FBiH Ministry of Environment and Tourism has so far supported the Via Dinarica Project with a total of 700,000 KM and thus confirmed its commitment to the development of Via Dinarica, and what they will continue to do. She invited other institutions, partners and donors to join.

In addition to presenting the results of the current phase of the Via Dinarica Project, the Conference participants presented a vision and proposed the direction in which tourism development in the country should go, and offered a tourism perspective in Bosnia and Herzegovina related to sustainable and nature-based approaches, green growth and places, with enhanced technology and innovation, stated the FBiH Government’s Press Service.