Đapo: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s village can be our new tourism brand

Đapo: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s village can be our new tourism brand

SARAJEVO, September 27 (FENA) – Bosnia and Herzegovina’s village with its households, healthy food, clean air, kind hosts and rich natural and cultural-historical heritage can be our new tourism brand, said FBiH Minister of Environment and Tourism Edita Đapo on the occasion of the World Tourism Day – 27 September, which this year is marked under the slogan “Tourism and Rural Development”.

“We welcomed the World Tourism Day in 2020 in a very specific and difficult time of uncertainty, at a time when we in BiH, as well as the whole world, are struggling with the coronavirus pandemic. Its consequences are enormous, the tourism sector and the sectors associated with this activity are recording constant losses, and a large number of people are losing their jobs. However, just like any other crisis, I believe that the COVID-19 pandemic can be seen as our great chance,” Đapo emphasized.

She stated that closed borders and significantly reduced movement of people have returned people to safe environment, to the countryside, small and very little known tourist places and destinations.

She believes that the development of rural tourism is an important factor in promoting BiH potential and that it also helps to preserve traditions and customs.

“This brings us back to village and a healthy lifestyle where rural households are an invaluable social and natural resource, a peaceful and healthy environment, and communication with local hosts. Rural tourism gives the opportunity to taste local food, agricultural products and get acquainted with life in the countryside, which can be very attractive for potential tourists who have not preferred rural tourism as a form of vacation,” said Đapo.

She also emphasizes that the development of rural tourism in BiH can mean support for the development of the local community, faster development of agricultural enterprises and the creation of new jobs.

“Living in nature and with nature, learning from it, being patient and waiting for the fruits of your own work are values that have been lived in our country for centuries, and now they should be shared with our guests,” announced the FBiH Ministry of Environment and Tourism.