End of Eco Challenge project – ‘Let’s make our country even more beautiful’

End of Eco Challenge project – ‘Let’s make our country even more beautiful’

SARAJEVO, December 5 (FENA) – After two years of appealing and motivating citizens to become eco leaders in their communities and bring changes in environmental protection, the competition “Eco Challenge – Make our country even more beautiful” has been successfully completed.

The original idea of ​​the project was to symbolically mark 25 years of peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to involve 25,000 volunteers in environmental activities of landscaping.

This goal has been exceeded, and 26,230 volunteers got involved in the Eco Challenge activities, who have left their contribution to a cleaner and healthier environment.

The association of citizens “Hands” in cooperation with the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented a project with the intention of affirming primarily young people to become eco leaders in their local communities, and to show creativity, resourcefulness and above all the desire to improve their environment.

“Citizens of BiH participated in the competition by cleaning and decorating certain neglected and polluted public areas in their community, and during the previous two years they carried out cleaning, planting and landscaping activities in these areas,” explained the Eco Challenge.

209 teams participated in three different categories of competition in the race for the Eco Challenge award, 97 schools and kindergartens, 63 non-governmental organizations and companies, and 49 individuals and informal groups of citizens.

The closing ceremony on the occasion of the end of the Eco Challenge project was held today, symbolically on the International Volunteer Day, and in this way, a special day was marked for all volunteers who set aside their time and money to make their country even more beautiful.